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The MERSCH & SCHMITZ Internet site provides its visitors with various documents and information relating to its activities. These are collected and distributed with the aim of making maximum use of quality sources. However, it can not be excluded that an unintentional mistake on our part has crept into one of our texts. In this case, MERSCH & SCHMITZ can not be held responsible for the lack of precision or accuracy of this information and how the user may interpret or use them.

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Policy regarding your personal data

1. Purpose of processing personal data

MERSCH & SCHMITZ - 26, route de Capellen, L-8279 Holzem collects personal data when you visit our site and request information about our services.

The data you provide during your visit on our site is used to process your request.

Data on all saved profiles will be retained to handle your future enquiries.

Connection data (IP address, country, date, time and duration of the connection, pages visited and so on) are processed for statistical purposes, and for the improvement of the site and the service we offer. These data are neither sold nor transferred to third parties.

2. Safety of treatment of personal data

MERSCH & SCHMITZ is committed to protect your personal data and in particular to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or disclosed to unauthorized parties.

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